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Registrations are now open for 2014. Visit to register by 7 July.

If you don’t know much about the event or are undecided as to whether it’s for you, read on.

A house set up for the 2010 Open House

SW11 needs you!

“I’m not a painter. Can I take part?”
Oil paintings. Photography. Watercolours. Acrylic paintings. Woodcuts. Monoprints. Ceramics. Screen prints. Stoneware. Jewellery. Textiles. Mosaics. Glassware. Soft furnishings. Collage and mixed media. Sculpture. Illustration. Etching. Drawing. Tapestry. Quilting. Knitting. Linocuts. All were represented in 2012 and more are welcome in 2013. We welcome all artists and arts practise – including craft, design and conceptually driven work. Even if you do not create items that are readily for sale, there is a place for you! We want to put the hidden cultural vibrancy of Battersea and Balham on the map and have lots of ideas about how we can do it.

“I’ve never exhibited before. I’m nervous!”
Don’t be! Every year, many artists exhibit for the first time at the Open House. It’s a relaxed and low key way of introducing your art to an audience. Why not invite your friends and neighbours and make it a social event.

“I’m not sure I have enough work to exhibit. My home isn’t suitable”
Many artists share a venue with others. This is a good option as you share the cost, increase potential visitor numbers, and have some fun. If you would like to exhibit but do not wish to do so alone, we can put you in touch with other exhibitors in your area with a view to sharing a venue. Think creatively about exhibition space. Do you have a shed? Or a gazebo or teepee? Could you use some business premises?

“I’m not a full-time artist. Is the Open House for me?”
Yes. It doesn’t matter whether you practise full-time or part-time, already exhibit and sell or are a new exhibitor. We want the Open House to represent everyone – full-time artists, students, stay-at-home parents, older people.

“What if no one turns up?”
They will. The Open House is promoted by Wandsworth Council. In 2011 we worked extra hard to generate more artists and visitors. We run regular networking events so that artists can meet each other and promote each other’s work. We also partner with local businesses to raise sponsorship for our marketing activities and work with local schools to raise awareness amongst families.

If you think you might be interested in joining us in 2015 add your comment here or contact Louise Gillard at

14 Responses to Join us

  1. Sally Loughridge says:

    I would be interested in sharing a venue for the Wandsworth Artist’s Open house Day, or joining an already existing group of Artists living locally.
    I had a disappointing experience with this event 3 years ago and have not taken part since!
    Look forward to hearing from you

    • Hello Sally

      Good to have you on board. If you would like us to showcase your work on this site, kindly send some pictures to my email address. Any other info about your location and the type of art you make would also be useful.


  2. I have been involved in WOH since 2001 before it wend bourough wide. I did very well in earlier years, but more recently, particularly in 2009, the number of visitors were very dissappointing due to ‘lack of disposable money, fears of redundancy, sparsley scattered artists and new parrking restrictions in The Shaftesbury Estate. I am attempting to do engage in the 2011 WOH, but in different neighbourhoods and doing different activities that engage with the public with workshops and discussions, rather than the ‘passive browsing’

    • I agree about the add-on activities and that artists need to do this do to draw people in. I’m also hopeful that the work we’re doing with schools will draw a bigger crowd.
      We had over 100 visitors at our venue in 2010 so I know that extra effort does pay off!

  3. steven chandler says:

    Would it be OK to use a shop or cafe for a venue in open house?

  4. Louise, somewhere I think you told me about public liability insurance…I can’t find it!
    Could you let me know please…I daresay this will concern others too.
    Regards, Julia

    • Hi Julia

      This is direct from the Wandsworth Arts Team’s registration form! I recommend you don’t take it out until just before the event itself unless you need to. The arts team may keep hassling you to do it but it’s silly to do so now when you won’t use it until October. Hope that helps. Louise

      Public Liability Insurance
      You must be covered by public liability insurance to take part in the event, and you will be asked to assess the risks of opening to the public after you have registered (we provide a template risk assessment for you). If you are not already insured then we recommend you join the a-n AIR programme which includes £5m public liability cover for free. Visit or call 0191 241 8000. Price from £30

  5. steven chandler says:

    Do I need to find my own venue, if yes is there any help with this and when do I need to find a space by?

    • Hello

      Most people show in their own home or in someone else’s home. However, we do have people who exhibit in cafes, shops, possibly even a church! If you do not have your own venue, you need to submit the registration forms to Justine Kenyon in the Wandsworth Arts Team and tick the box stating you wish to share. She is matching artists up next week. The deadline is 10 June! If you do not have the forms she or I can send them to you. If you need me to send them, please contact me at Good luck!

  6. Christopher Everett says:

    I am an amateur artist working in mixedmedia /collage , and would like to use my house to show my work next year , could you send me a registration form . Thanks

    • Hi Chris

      Good to hear from you. The forms won’t be available until next year but I’ll forward your details to the Wandsworth Arts Team who will add you to their list for 2012. Thanks.

  7. Hi Chris

    Just making sure that Wandsworth Council sent you the relevant information for Open House? Registration is online at Thanks.

  8. Liz Denton says:

    Dear Louise,
    there are a group of three of us who want to open my studio, but please send me registration details for 2013,
    Thanks, Liz Denton

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